Multi-Tunnel Virtual Adapter is missing…

Here’s the problem you are seeing. You have installed the Gogo6 tunnel client on Windows (particularly Windows7), apparently successfully. But when you run it, it doesn’t work. It just logs this message:

Multi-Tunnel Virtual Adapter is missing and is required for V6UDPV4 tunneling.

The virtual adapter mentioned is one of the components that is in the distributed install file, and it should be installed along with everything else. In some cases, however, the virtual adapter component fails to be installed.  The installer does not not detect the failure, so the fact that the driver is missing is only discovered when the client is run.

The driver install generally fails (if it fails) for one of these reasons:

  • the install was not run as administrator (though that usually causes much more obvious problems)
  • the system is configured to reject the installation of unsigned drivers
  • anti-virus software is defeating the driver install

It’s difficult to be precise about what you should do to cure the problem, but look in these areas and take appropriate steps. For example, repeat the installation as administrator, repeat the installation with your virus protection disabled, or repeat the installation after adjusting your system configuration to permit the installation of unsigned drivers.

Be comforted by the fact that the client software is known to work on all versions of Windows from XP through at least Windows7.

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